Customised Fixings

In line with our philosophy of providing technical advice, our R&D department follows a tradition which has made us independent in terms of seeking out solutions.

With this idea in mind the “SIA” (AUXILIARY INTEGRAL SOLUTIONS) department was created with a view to providing the customer with a complete solution from the design of the part to the proposing and preparation of the necessary tools, manufacturing, surface treatment and suitable packaging.

We are focused on two manufacturing lines: on one hand, wire parts; and on the other hand, stamping parts.

Our production capacity can be adapted to a wide variety of materials (steels, stainless steels, rebar steels etc.), manufacturing metric threads from M5 to M64 with rolling threads (manufactured in both possibilities, from the average diameter or from nominal diameter).

At our production centre we have a fully equipped zinc electroplating plant. Other finishes such as hot dip galvanisation, Dacromet or Geomet are also available.


  • Stainless steels (AISI 304 and AISI 316)
  • Low carbon steels
  • High carbon steels for heat treatment
  • Rebar steels
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From M5 to M64